Nyeemah A. Grazier, Esq.

Nyeemah A. Grazier, Esq.


Nyeemah is the founder of the Law Office of Nyeemah A. Grazier, LLC.  She brings valuable experience from her previous employment as an associate for a boutique law firm in Washington DC.  There, she drafted claims and prepared and prosecuted patent applications in various technological areas including polymers, semi-conductors, mechanical engineering, pharmaceuticals, small molecule compounds, compositions and methods of making and using same.  Conducted legal research and prepared opinions and memoranda of law regarding patentability and validity; presented presentations on technology transfer and licensing, and double patenting.  


Nyeemah is a registered patent attorney before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in Alexandria, Virginia.  There, she examines chemical and pharmaceutical patent applications claiming compounds, compositions and methods of making and using same.  


Prior to law school she was a research scientist at Bristol-Myers Squibb in the cardiovascular drug discovery division.  Where she performed independent research and development of drugs, combinatorial drug discovery reactions, organic synthesis reactions, and patent searches. Designed, synthesized, purified and characterized pharmaceutical drugs in the cardiovascular therapeutic area. 


Nyeemah graduated from Rutgers-The New Jersey State University, School of Law (Newark) and Lincoln University with a BA in Chemistry and a minor in Japanese.



Nyeemah founded and coached a youth track team.  She enjoys learning about different cultures and languages.  She has studied and has a working knowledge of Arabic and Japanese on a basic level.   In her spare time she loves to travel to great cities, such as Istanbul, Tokyo, Paris, and London.  But most of all she enjoys her time with her pride and joy, her two sons.




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